About Fraser/Daley and Fifty Miles Of Elbow Room

With their third full-length release, Fraser/Daley bring their “two-man trio” sound to eleven new self-penned originals and an intriguing cover of the 1950s protest song “The Klan.” Alec Fraser plays “brushbass,” an upright bass with a drum attachment, as well as cigar box bass, while Mike Daley contributes guitar and banjo. Both members compose and sing, often in sibling-like harmony. In fact, Fraser and Daley met playing in the band of the late Jeff Healey, who dubbed Alec and Mike his “big brother” and “little brother.” With Fifty Miles of Elbow Room, these “brothers” deliver a fresh sound that combines Appalachian folk music, classic country, bluegrass and blues, married to songs both incisive and lighthearted.

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