"Fraser/Daley have an understanding of the music they play that rivals that of the originators, and their own compositions can look the classics in the eye knowing they are as good as what has gone before" - Bob Segarini


Buy"The Whole Fam Damily" and "Fraser Daley" here.


Fraser/Daley - live in the studio

 Fraser/Daley - "One Kind Favour" - live in Collingwood


Upcoming shows:

Every Wednesday 8-11 at Intersteer Tavern, 357 Roncesvalles Ave. Toronto (416) 588-8054

Sat. April 12. 9-12. Flamboro Downs, Flamborough, ON.

Sat. April 26. 9:30-1. Black Dog, Pickering, ON.

Sat. May 10. 9-12Flamboro Downs, Flamborough, ON

Sat. June 14. Noon. Roncy Rocks, Toronto, ON.

Sat. June 14. 8-11. House Concert, 5 Helen St., Dundas, ON.

Sat. August 2. 9:30-1. Black Dog, Pickering, ON.

Sat. September 6. 3-7. Tim Horton's Southside Shuffle. Second Cup Stage. Port Credit, ON.

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